The Importance of Focus

Feb 23, 2013 00:00 · 223 words · 2 minute read

This has been a tumultous and disruptive time in my life.

It is in these times that depression and anxiety set in, and one questions one’s value. It also makes clear the things that one wanted to begin with. When your house is burning down you only take what is most important to you, and then somehow after the inferno has finished destroying that which is clutter we fill up our new houses with more stuff we never really needed.

It is unfortunate that these moments of clarity only come in the times when we have the least control to use it. This is how I feel right now. The parties and the movies and the shopping have distracted me from pursuing that which I really need to be alive.

As I am writing this I am thinking about Facebook and Twitter and LinkedIn and HackerNews and texting and myriad other focus-draws that pull me away from everything I genuinely enjoy. It is rare that in spare time I don’t simply put on a movie or a tv show or have a nap, avoiding all the real living I could be doing.

My new resolution: to never be distracted from pursuing my dreams again. To everyone who reads this and sees me not being on task, you have permission to slap me.


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